The MPA program curriculum, created in close consultations with Columbia University (US) professors has a very strong applied emphasis and focuses on transmitting practical skills, educating students with a good understanding of general principles of public policy.

The program strives to equip students with practical knowledge relevant to the Georgian context. The whole curriculum is planned to contain cases, examples and exercises from the Georgian political reality. Students’ internshipspublic policy projects and case-studies  will be continually linked with on-going reforms and policy processes in Georgia.

Code Title Course status Credits Contact hours Prerequisites Semester Lecturer
1 2 3 4
Main module -54 credits
E371 Microeconomics Core 6 45 X A. Ergeshidze
D658 Statistics and Data Analysis Core 6 30 X G. Ratiani
G482 Public Administration Core 6 30 X A. Abashidze
G485 Macroeconomics Core 6 45 E371 X G. Barbakadze
I652 Public Policy Analysis Core 6 45 X N. Tangiashvili
K748 Human Resource Management Core 6 30 X M. Kvirkvaia
I659 Administrative Law Core 6 45 X K. Uriadmkopeli
I656 Financial Management and Public Finances Core 6 45 X N. Kavelashvili
I654 Innovation & Technology Core 6 30 X M. Labadze
 Specialty courses – at least 24 credits
E373 Non-Profit Management Core-elective 6 30 X N. Dzotsenidze
I653 Socila Policy Core-elective 6 30 X M.Ambrezhevska
Project Management in thePublic Sector Core-elective 6 30 X T. Khutsishvili
G487 Strategic Management Core-elective 6 32 X L. Pataraia
N140 Constitutional Law Core-elective 6 32 X M. Jikia
K749 Internship Core-elective 6 30 X
Genaral module- max. 18 credits
International ad Security Policy
A746 Theory of International Relations Elective 6 32 X G. Gvalia
L896 Modern National Security System Elective 6 32 X D. Darchiashvili
C719 European Neighbourhood Policy Elective 6 32 X T. Beruchashvili
A965 European Foreign and Security Policy Elective 6 30 X Q. Tsikhelashvili
A912 Democracy and Democratization Elective 6 30 X G. Nodia
Education Policy
K641 The System and Structure of Education: Comparative Analysis Elective 6 30 X T. Bregvadze
G507 Finance and Law in Economics (General Ecucation) Elective 6 30 X B. Shukakidze
D114 Education Policy Elective 6 30 X G. Gakheladze
L227 Monitoring and Evaluation in the Education System Elective 6 30 X I. Abuladze
K627 Higher Education Policy (Eng.) Elective 6 30 X I. Abuladze
K630 Higher Education Operational Management (Engl.) Elective 6 30 X B. Shukakidze
B583 Education in a Multicultural Society Elective 6 30 X G. Gakheladze
Master Thesis-24 Credits
K747 Master Thesis – Public Policy Project Core 24 15 X


Important supplement to the program curriculum are Pubic Policy Lectures and Policy Workshops.

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