Student Services:

·  Skill-based trainings

In order to stimulate career development efforts of MPA students’ ISU organizes skill-based trainings that cover a wide number of topics: computer skills, communication, academic writing and presentation techniques and other practical tools, that will be helpful for MPA graduates for their career success. The trainings are based on students’ actual needs, and are conducted by professional trainers from leading training agencies in Georgia.

Each semester the MPA Program will offer two different trainings; students will have the opportunity to choose individually the one they will find more helpful.

·  Summer workshops

·  Internship/employment

·  Clubs and cultural activites

·  Exchanges programs

ISU offers number of fully funded exchange programs to the bachelor, master and doctoral students. For additional information on various programs and open calls please visit the following link


MPA program aims to prepare new generations of decision-makers in diverse public policy fields. To help the new generations to be successful, permanent networking opportunities are essential, enabling them to coordinate and work together and make meaningful contributions to the Georgian democracy.

Alumni are not only public faces of the program quality, but they potentially can enrich the program\s content, contribute to program activities and engage in teaching themselves.

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